Understanding The Facts—Why Precision Nutrition Outperforms All Traditional Diabetes Interventions

The science behind a precision nutrition-based intervention for metabolic disease has been around for 10 years now but only the most innovative employers and payors have adopted it so far. This is likely due to years of disappointment from existing diabetes programs that have delivered limited and unsustainable outcomes; these programs have been information-based, monitoring-based, and “one side fits all” nutrition-based. 

We’re clearly feeling burned out after so many years–and the idea of implementing yet another diabetes program, especially one with dramatic claims–may seem too good to be true.  That is, until you read DayTwo’s science that’s been published in some of America’s leading medical journals such as Cell and JAMA

DayTwo is the only solution for metabolic disease–including diabetes, prediabetes, clinical obesity and NASH–that changes the course of the disease and enables a path to remission. In fact, DayTwo’s science is so profound that it’s achievements were cited as a foundational element in The National Institutes of Health’s recent $150 Million, 10-year strategic plan to invest in precision nutrition.

Let’s unpack why the DayTwo program is achieving unprecedented results compared with traditional diabetes programs. 

Your Quick-Glance Comparative Summary:

Traditional Diabetes Programs

  • Monitoring: Basic monitoring of the disease with strips and glucometers does not improve the condition
  • Education: Education-based programs are population based and have poor engagement
  • One-size fits all: Generic care plans don’t work for the majority of patients 
  • Nutrition: Highly restrictive diets are only effective for the very few people who can sustain them

DayTwo’s Innovative Offering

  • Telehealth-based precision nutrition solution that let’s you eat the foods you love while enabling a path to remission for all Metabolic Diseases (diabetes, prediabetes, clinical obesity and NASH)
  • Science published in leading medical journals based on the largest nutrition RCTs ever conducted–that outperform all existing care plans
  • High resolution gut microbiome profiling that generates a personalized Food Prescription based on your cultural and family food preferences
  • Engagement +80% at Year 1
  • Dedicated clinical support from a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist via telehealth

A Deep Dive Into nutrition precision

Now, let’s dive deeper into these critical differences to understand the drivers behind them and what the ultimate impact is for your employees or members.

Metabolic Diseases

DayTwo is effective for employees and members with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, clinical obesity and NASH. While traditional programs have a narrow focus on one or two conditions that forces you to find multiple solutions to cover all Metabolic Diseases, DayTwo offers a comprehensive solution. Having multiple programs can create operational drain and makes it harder for individual programs to cut through with your audience of employees or members. You find yourself investing all that time contracting with multiple partners only to be less effective in the long run.

Clinical Outcomes

It’s no longer accepted to simply monitor disease or provide highly-restrictive diets which have limited impact. The science has now changed to make uniquely personalized diets possible because people respond differently to the same food. DayTwo uses Food as Medicine, based on gut microbiome profiling, to enable a path to remission. It’s an astonishing 2x more effective than the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Program Support

DayTwo supports the existing care infrastructure, uses personal Certified 
Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES) via telemedicine, and a digital app so you can be sure that your employees or members are getting the best care when it’s most convenient for them. Other programs force you to use their Clinical Practitioners which can create unnecessary disconnect with their personal care provider.

Sustained Engagement

DayTwo program participants show incredible engagement with 8 out of 10 continuing to use the program after the first year. Plus, feedback shows they enjoy the in-app personalized meal suggestions and find it easy to adapt their diet to consistently bring their blood sugar into a normal Time In Range.

Flexible Business Model

The market has moved rapidly to Risk-Free, Outcomes based payment. Because when you lead with science and invest in large scale clinical trials, it’s easy to back your results. Plus, payers and providers get much better value from a truly accountable partnership. 

Here’s a Recap of The Main Differences:

  • Narrow focus on diabetes and prediabetes instead of offering one solution for all Metabolic Diseases
  • Monitoring compared with actual remission
  • Highly restrictive and impractical diets instead precision nutrition
  • Intrusive care plans that force employees or members to switch doctors instead of a holistic approach on their terms
  • Ultimately low engagement rates instead of +80% engagement at end of Year 1

Now you know the facts. Following the science and staying focused on clinical outcomes that produce sustained results is the best way to reduce costs and retain healthier, happier employees or members. And the best part? Your members/employees are far more likely to stay loyally retained to a program that yields results. You’ll be making a meaningful impact on their health and changing lives for better. 

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