Employer Case Study: Covenant HealthCare

Covenant HealthCare is a network of 7 hospitals in the Great Lakes Bay Area of Northern Michigan. Their mission is to deliver extraordinary care across generations and specialties. As part of its mission, Covenant HealthCare aims to care for employees so they in turn can provide best-in-class care for their community. Plus, as a non-profit, Covenant HealthCare is proud to provide a flexible benefit program for all employees that enables them to select benefits that will suit their unique personal and professional needs.

Erik Fielbrandt, Head of Total Rewards for Covenant HealthCare was looking for an innovative way to impact metabolic disease amongst employees and patient members, knowing the disease affects 1 in 2 adults in the US.

Especially now, during the pandemic, employees at the hospital must maintain high levels of energy, ensure they get efficient sleep and keep unnecessary and disruptive food cravings at bay. The team implemented a turnkey pilot of DayTwo’s program that offers a precision nutrition solution, based on the highest sequencing shotgun analysis of the gut microbiome, and machine learning to predict an individual’s blood glucose response to food before they eat it.

The clinical outcomes were phenomenal. I’ll be honest, I was amazed! We saw one particular member’s A1C drop from 11.0 to 6.3, that’s a drop of almost 5.

Erik Fielbrandt, Head of Total Rewards for Covenant HealthCare

For employees enrolled in the program, they saw an average decrease in A1C of 1.55 and improvements in sleep quality, stress and hunger. Plus, the HR Benefits team didn’t even have to lift a finger when it came to enrollment and onboarding of their employee population.

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