Introduction to DayTwo and Our Science 

What if science revealed that there’s no one-size-fits-all diet, but rather, a personalized approach based on an individual’s microbial composition? Imagine a future where you possess the tools to determine your optimal diet, harnessing the power of personalized nutrition for your health and wellbeing journey.

At DayTwo, our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health by understanding and optimizing their unique gut microbiome.

We are leading the charge in personalized nutrition through cutting edge microbiome analysis. We specialize in precision health through microbiome-based insights that drive personalized dietary recommendations. We decode the intricacies of the microbiome and translate them into practical solutions.

What is the best diet for humans?

DayTwo is a science-first, evidence-based company that began from research conducted at the Weizmann Institute, a global leader renowned for its multidisciplinary exploration in the natural and exact sciences. In one of the largest clinical nutrition studies to date, researchers Prof. Eran Segal & Prof. Eran Elinav were intriguied by the question: What is the best diet for humans? 

During the study, participants utilized an app to record their dietary intake while wearing continuous glucose monitors (CGM) for a week. This enabled the direct measurement of post-meal blood glucose levels, known as postprandial glucose response (PPGR), occurring 2-3 hours after eating. With over 50,000 meals analyzed, alongside comprehensive anthropometric data, medical histories, lifestyle questionnaires, and blood tests, the study provided a wealth of insight.

One of the most unique elements of the study was the analysis of participants’ gut microbiomes, revealing that different people will have different glycemic responses to the same foods. Leveraging these findings, DayTwo developed a machine learning model trained to predict postprandial glucose response (PPGR) based on personalized factors. DayTwo has exclusively licensed this technology and built a Personalized Medicine Platform, with our initial product focusing on glycemic control.

Our study allowed us to:
  1. Discover exactly how people react individually to the same foods.
  2. Develop an algorithm that accurately predicts, based on any individual’s microbiome and blood tests, the personal response of different individuals to particular foods, even before eating those foods.
  3. Use our algorithm to provide personalized diets to individuals, many of whom happened to have prediabetes. The diets differed according to the individual and in most cases, when followed, normalized blood sugar levels for those who used it.

Our findings revealed that short-term dietary shifts can predict long-term effects on the microbiome. 

The more consistently you eat a certain way, the more your microbiome adjusts, potentially permanently. However, whether these changes are positive or negative remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the analysis confirms the ability to influence the microbiome through diet, providing valuable insights into how specific foods impact its composition. 

Why Day Two is Different
  • Advanced technology: We utilize the state-of-the-art whole shotgun sequencing method and proprietary algorithms to provide accurate and insightful microbiome analyses.
    • Unlike other sequencing methods such as 16S rRNA, whole shotgun metagenomic sequencing measures DNA, which is double stranded and more stable, whereas 16S measures RNA, which is single stranded and highly unstable.
  • Supported by science: Microbiome insights combined with 25 years of diverse patient data, bolstered by research published in prestigious journals such as Nature, Cell, JAMA, and Diabetes Care. See all research publications here.
  • Largest collection of data: World’s largest high-resolution sequenced data set of over 90,000 samples.
  • Personalized approach: Our recommendations are crafted based on each unique microbiome profile, ensuring optimal effectiveness and lasting health benefits.
The Future is Precision Health

Precision health represents a transformative approach that leverages advanced data analytics, genomics, and personalized insights to predict, prevent and treat disease. By leveraging the power of gut microbiome analysis and comprehensive data-driven insights, DayTwo is empowering individuals to take control of their health and enabling clinicians to provide more targeted, predictive, and personalized care. 

Whether you’re looking to help your patient optimize their diet, manage a chronic condition, or simply optimize their health, discover how DayTwo can help transform their personal health journey!

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