What if the answer is knowing exactly which foods work for YOU?

A personalized type 2 diabetes solution.

Find out how DayTwo helped Tom control his blood sugar, lose 80 lbs, and reduce medications. Tom found his way back to health by eating the foods he loves— 
and you can too!

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Clinical outcomes that count!

Drop in A1C
12+ lbs
weight loss
sleep quality

What you can expect

Lower your A1C

Lower your A1C level with precision nutrition. Members lower their
A1Cs in a matter of weeks.

Lose weight

When you eat foods that match your biology, you can lose weight because your blood sugar stays within the healthy range.

Reduce medications

DayTwo’s food-as-medicine solution has helps thousands reduce or eliminate medication with nutrition alone.

Increase your energy

When your blood sugar is balanced, you feel energized throughout the day. No more extra coffee or afternoon nap!

Sleep better

With your blood sugar under control, you get the rest you need– and wake up ready to tackle the day.

Lower your stress

Healthy blood sugar levels means lower stress. DayTwo also takes the pressure out of food choices— and helps you make lasting changes.

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How will DayTwo empower you?

Know exactly how your blood sugar will respond before taking a bite.

at-home test

Microbiome profiling

Using a mail-in profiling kit, we test
your gut’s unique genetic makeup.

Real science,
 real answers

Blood Sugar Predictions

We predict your blood sugar
response before you take a bite.

Your own dietitian and care team

1:1 Dietitian Care

Individualized support with a
Registered Dietitian and care team.

1 Million foods & meals scored for your biology

DayTwo’s app has a scoring system that shows which foods help balance your blood sugar. Using insights from your microbiome, you can eat what you love— with small tweaks— to keep your glucose in check!

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Here’s to YOUR health! All the best from West Virginia PEIA!

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Your dietary habits affect your health. Depending on your biology, certain foods may trigger health issues like heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure, while other foods can provide strong protective and medicinal qualities. The key is learning how to eat according to your body’s specific needs in order to manage and improve your health.

Your gut microbiome is made up of trillions of microbial species. As unique as a fingerprint, the collection of microorganisms inside your gut will be shaped over the course of your lifetime. 

Scientists continue to learn how the microbiome helps the body carry out daily operations like producing vitamins and regulating immune function. DayTwo has discovered that the microbiome also plays a key role in blood sugar response to foods. What works well for one person may not work for another. For example, a particular meal could cause one person’s blood sugar to spike while it may not for someone else. By analyzing your individual gut microbiome, DayTwo helps you understand your unique response to foods so you can make choices that keep your type 2 diabetes under control.

Because condition coverage varies by employer, please contact one of DayTwo’s enrollment consultants to see if you’re eligible. We will be able to answer questions about the specific requirements of your company’s program. In addition, all participants:

  • Must have a smartphone
  • Must be over 18
  • Provide an easy at-home stool sample for microbiome testing
  • Get periodic lab tests for monitoring and assessment

DayTwo has two phases starting with Launch. Launch is designed to train, motivate, and get you on your way to achieving long-term, measurable results. During the Launch phase, you will have the opportunity to meet with both a Health Guide and Registered Dietitian in 1:1 sessions each week.

Moving into the second phase, Sustain, you will continue to meet with your Health Guide and Registered Dietitian, though less frequently, to set goals, track progress, and work through obstacles and celebrate successes. While the Sustain program length varies, many members find they want to continue engaging with their DayTwo team regularly to ensure continued progress and success. This period of the program is meant to continue to provide support and accountability while driving focused, planned activities.

Upon joining the program, you’ll be assigned a team (including a Registered Dietitian and health guide) that will support you in creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you. All of your visits will be online using our telehealth platform, with additional features in the DayTwo app.

Most of our members experience a reduction in A1C, weight loss, and medications. They also report improved energy and sleep, less stress, and decreased hunger and food cravings. 

The DayTwo app helps you see your specific blood sugar response to any food. After analyzing your microbiome, member questionnaire, and lab tests, we use our revolutionary AI technology to generate personalized blood sugar predictions. We then match this with a database of over 1 million grocery, restaurant, and menu items. Using an easy scanning system, you can search to see how well a particular food item scores for you. 

What does the scoring mean? Higher scoring foods and meals tend to keep your blood sugar steady. For example, many people with diabetes are told they need to avoid carbs, including breads. DayTwo helps you figure out which types and quantities of carbs score well for you, and/or what other foods (like proteins or fats) may help it score better. We show you which foods you can enjoy, which you might want to rethink (i.e. eat less of), and which you need to tweak (i.e. pair with something, or adjust the serving, to stabilize your blood sugar.) 

Using the app’s scoring system, you’ll be able to log meals and choose foods that will keep your blood sugar in a healthy range. Best of all? You’ll be able to track your progress so you can see your improvement over time.

We are happy to share that it doesn’t. What makes us different from most one-size-fits-all diabetes programs is that we are basing our food recommendations on your individual microbiome, so we predict how your blood sugar will respond to foods before even taking a bite. No food is off limits. Our goal is to show you how to eat the foods you love, with small tweaks (like altering the amount or adding more fat or protein) to keep your blood sugar in check. That being said, members get more out of the program when they predominantly eat foods that score well for them.

You will need a smartphone to access the mobile app, as well as the ability to access virtual platforms like Zoom. A tablet, laptop, or computer with a camera is recommended for telehealth visits, but is not required.

DayTwo loves working with spouses or dependents whenever possible. Because this varies by program, please contact your HR representative to learn more.

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