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The future of health tech is precision. Join us in building a world in which people use their own biology to make lasting improvements to their well-being. We’re an ambitious microbiome-based precision health company committed to creating individualized solutions for the epidemic of chronic conditions, starting with diabetes, prediabetes, and clinical obesity.

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Our Science

Backed by ten years of science, DayTwo has the world’s largest and richest microbiome discovery platform. Our solution uses microbiome profiling and AI to predict exactly how each individual will respond to foods— before they take a bite! Using a clinically proven food-as-medicine approach supported by a dedicated dietitian and virtual care team, our members reduce medications, avoid surgery, and reconnect with the joy of being healthy. The best part? They do this while eating the foods they love.

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DayTwo is in a period of high growth. We have a large member base, both in the US and internationally, with a focus on employer and payer markets. Thanks to our 80,000+ members and their phenomenal outcomes, we are now working with Fortune 500 companies, national insurance providers, and hospital systems, all while keeping our focus on making a meaningful impact one member at a time.

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Recruitment Fraud ALERT

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scam offering fake job opportunities to job seekers.

It has come to our attention that there may be people posing as DayTwo recruiters. These persons have been offering fraudulent employment opportunities to applicants and often asking for sensitive personal and financial information.

This type of fraud is normally carried out through online services such as false websites, or through fake emails claiming to be from the company. The fraudsters often request recipients to provide personal information and to make payments, mail in the recipients phone or laptop as part of their fake recruiting process.

Identifying Recruitment Fraud

  1. All jobs at DayTwo will be posted on our career site:
  2. DayTwo will never ask for your financial information at any time during the interview process, as part of an offer, or onboarding.
  3. We will not ask you to purchase equipment like phones or laptops.
  4. No job offers will be made at DayTwo without a formal interview process.
  5. If you receive an email from a sender that does not contain the please treat it as fraudulent.

If you encounter any suspicious activity, we recommend you cease all communication with the individual and consider reporting them to the US FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. If you would like to verify the legitimacy of an email you received from our recruiting team, please forward it to our recruiter at

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