What Your Microbiome Has to Do with Controlling Your Blood Glucose Levels

In a recent blog titled, DayTwo Review and Promo Code, Carley Schweet asks two important questions: “Why do I need to test my microbiome?” and “What the heck is a microbiome?”


In the blog Carley does a great job explaining what DayTwo does and why anyone (especially people with Type 2 or prediabetes) should care. For one, everyone is different and so it makes sense that not everyone responds the same way to the same food choices.


Carley points out, “The food we choose to eat has a direct impact on our blood sugar levels and, you guessed it, the same food affects everyone’s blood sugar differently!” But don’t just believe Carley’s aha moment, DayTwo has peer-reviewed research to back up this fact.


Carley goes on to explain how DayTwo tests people’s microbiome so they can receive DayTwo’s individualized food suggestions for controlling blood glucose levels. Read Carley’s full blog here.

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