Diabetes Awareness: How Precision Nutrition Boosts Employee Resilience

Bringing Diabetes Awareness to the Workforce

Did you know that for employees with diabetes, taking care of health needs can constitute a second job? Trying to follow a restrictive diet, manage medications, and balance blood sugar can lead to feelings of anxiety or depression. When employees are overwhelmed, they may feel unmotivated to care for themselves, creating a vicious cycle of further complications and rising costs.

It’s not surprising that employees dealing with health issues also find it difficult to focus on performing their best work. With nearly 1 in 10 Americans affected by Type 2 diabetes, it’s vital to recognize just how many people face these challenges on a daily basis.

But what if there was an innovative diabetes solution that went beyond traditional 1-size-fits-all approaches to help vulnerable employees boost their resilience, especially in a pandemic? Using microbiome profiling, AI-powered Food Prescriptions ™, and virtual care, DayTwo’s precision nutrition does exactly that. 

Precision Nutrition is Key to Boosting Employee Resilience

Mary Lou Morey, Director of Benefits and Wellness at Central Michigan University, was looking for a way to help employees with diabetes, given the way it impacted sleep, energy, weight, and of course, stress. CMU wanted to offer a proactive approach that could also improve costly conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. When COVID hit, it became even more urgent to protect those employees most at risk. 

In November of 2020, CMU implemented DayTwo’s personalized nutrition program on a cohort of employees. By showing them exactly how to balance their blood sugar by eating foods matched to their biology, DayTwo helped members achieve meaningful outcomes, including lower A1C, reduced medications, and improved time in a healthy glucose range. More than half reported sleeping better, having more energy, and decreasing their stress. One individual, Tom Idema, credited DayTwo with “saving life.” His story was so impactful that it was featured on Good Morning America. 

How You Can Help Your Employees

DayTwo’s groundbreaking microbiome science allows employees to continue eating foods that are part of their lives and cultures. Given AI-powered Food Prescriptions ™ and the ability to search over 1 million grocery and restaurant menu items, employees can keep their blood sugar from spiking. With ongoing clinical guidance from a team of dietitians, they are empowered with the tools they need to make lasting behavior change. To find out how DayTwo’s precision nutrition program can help your employees feel and work better, visit: https://daytwo.com/employers

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