DayTwo Makes Reaching Diabetes Remission Easier than Ever

Big news in the world of DayTwo! Starting mid-December, our app will be featuring a newly redesigned progress tab that helps members stay on target to control their blood sugar, lower their A1C, and reduce their medications. 

For employees with diabetes, making food choices continues to be the  #1 stressor. Because our members are making an average of 200 choices a day, we know how important it is for DayTwo’s personalized food recommendations to be intuitive, accessible, and easy to navigate. 

Using the app, members are able to read insights about their individual gut microbiome, scan DayTwo’s database of over 1M foods, and use our AI-based algorithm to predict which food combinations will keep their blood sugar in check. By receiving dedicated dietitian support, members are able to translate this knowledge into lasting behavior change. 

So when they give us feedback about how DayTwo can help them track their health goals, we listen! 

Here are some new features we are excited to offer:

  • Interactive progress reports. Members can now track their A1C levels, weight loss, time in the program and more with smart indicators and interactive graphs.
  • Self-reporting of weight and body measurements. The data reported in the mobile app immediately becomes available to each member’s dietitian team. 
  • A simpler onboarding process.  Just as much insight into what each member needs— without the lengthy questionnaires. 
  • Dynamic food scoring. Individualized food scores are automatically recalculated to reflect members’ latest progress.

See how it works.


And best of all, we now sync with Apple Health & Google Fit to chart physical activity!

Using DayTwo with Apple Health on iPhone empowers members to better manage their health. They can see a consolidated view of their data (including milestones from DayTwo), so they can track their progress in one convenient place.

By connecting DayTwo and Google Fit, members can also easily integrate their fitness activity from various sources to help them better understand how their health is evolving over time.Our team is thrilled to bring these features to our members. To find out how DayTwo’s precision nutrition program can help your employees get one step closer to diabetes remission, please visit:

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