DayTwo at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo

Two weeks ago in Chicago, DayTwo spent a few busy days at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, FNCE (pronounced “fence-y”). It happened to be the 100th anniversary of FNCE and it was a great time to be there. FNCE is the world’s largest gathering of food and nutrition experts, averaging around 10,000 attendees and over 130 sessions including culinary and yoga workshops.

While at our booth, we noticed a few trends that seemed to be prevalent throughout the conference.

Some of these trends included the following:

  1. Added fibers and prebiotics to commonly consumed foods (like potato chips and bread) 
  2. Protein bars galore (and lot’s of free samples)
  3. Developments in digital health, such as platforms for dietitians to record all their clients information and track their progress
  4. Allergen (or food sensitivity) friendly foods including gluten free, FODMAP free, dairy free and peanut free
  5. And our favorite – the microbiome!

We also met with many nutrition experts, including dietitians from private practices and hospitals, professors of nutrition and dietetics, diabetes educators, nutrition startups, supplement companies, and representatives of the American Diabetes Association. As part of our new Health Practitioner Program, we hosted a launch party to introduce our new initiative which includes incentivizing dietitians and healthcare professionals to refer patients with diabetes to DayTwo. We had a large variety of attendees from different backgrounds, with many relevant questions being asked around the area of the microbiome and future plans of DayTwo.

Also in Chicago, DayTwo’s President Josh Stevens had the opportunity to be interviewed on Fox 32 News. He explained how DayTwo’s recommendations help people eat according to their microbiome in order to normalize blood sugar levels. He brought a few examples of his own personal recommendations including red wine and chocolate (lucky guy)! 

See the full video interview here or watch below. 

We are excited to see you next year in Washington #FNCE2018!

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