DayTwo Diabetes Awareness Month: Devin Alexander’s 7 Healthy Holiday Eating Secrets

With this week’s World Diabetes Day and US Diabetes Awareness Month, I’m excited to be partnering with DayTwo on helping people with type 2 diabetes find a path to remission!

DayTwo has revolutionized intervention for type 2 diabetes through gut microbiome profiling and prescribing food as medicine. Now, individuals can understand their unique blood sugar response to over 1 million foods and food combinations though the DayTwo app to keep their glycemic response in the normal range. This means people with type 2 can eat the foods they love without having to abandon entire foods, including carbohydrates.

When it comes to the Holidays, it’s important to know what foods, food combinations and portions work for you, based on DayTwo’s personalized medicine approach.

Here are some eating tips to help you through the Holidays.  If you have the DayTwo app, you can look up these suggestions to see your personal blood sugar response and try out combinations to lower the score.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tip #1: Eat First. So often, people eat lunch then don’t eat again until they arrive at an evening party…absolutely starved! Be sure to eat a nutritious 200-300 calorie snack or meal before going to holiday parties! Though this sounds counter-intuitive, it will help you from grabbing the first fatty thing you see simply because you’re starved. Three to five of those fave tiny party appetizers can contain the same amount of calories you should eat for an entire meal, and let’s face it, we all want 8-10 or more!

Healthy Holiday Eating Tip #2: Get Fruit-Full. Adjusting for your personal DayTwo scores, consider adding frozen fruit to drinks to fill up without so much alcohol and so many empty sugars. I love filling champagne flutes with frozen grapes then pouring in the champagne. You’ll still look and feel social, but you won’t overload on the calories even if you opt for a 2nd drink.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tip #3: Dough a Deer (or a Candy Cane): See if whole wheat pizza dough has a better score than white flour dough in DayTwo’s app to make festive soft pretzels in holiday shapes that would otherwise use buttery doughs.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tip #4: Better Bling. Instead of adding red or green sugar or sprinkles to your holiday desserts that are already over-sugared, hunt down some edible glitter. You’ll get all the bling and color with virtually no calories or added sugars since they tend to be made from gelatin.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tip #5: Beef Up. Make a filet mignon roast the centerpiece of your holiday dinner instead of prime rib for that special occasion. You’ll save 25 calories and 11.5 g of fat per 4 ounce serving.

Healthy Holiday Tip #6: Super Scoping: When you arrive at a party, scope out ALL of the food BEFORE you start eating. Choose to fill up on food and food combinations that match your DayTwo results in their super slick app and then leave room for a few of your favorite indulgences.

Healthy Holiday Tip #7: Cocoa-Loco!: If you have a good DayTwo blood sugar score for chocolate, embrace it with cocoa powder this holiday season! Pure Cocoa powder has only 10-20 calories per tablespoon and gives you 2 grams of fiber. So add it to a protein smoothie or some yogurt or use it as the base of your hot chocolate. You’ll satisfy the chocolate craving before you find yourself dunking your head in the chocolate fountain or over-lurking around the fudge!

Happy Holidays!


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