Blood Sugar Control Is Key To Protecting Vulnerable Employees from COVID

It’s clear the pandemic has amplified the health risks of employees with metabolic disease. COVID-19 has continuously hit those struggling with underlying chronic conditions (like prediabetes, diabetes, and clinical obesity) the hardest. 

The Learnings from COVID

Since 2020, close to 40% of COVID deaths in the U.S. were adults with diabetes.¹ In fact, patients with diabetes are up to 12x more likely to be hospitalized than average. Given Delta’s ongoing surge, how can your company protect these vulnerable employees in the future? 

A Shining Example

Meet Scott, who has had Type 2 diabetes for 15 years.

He went to all his doctors appointments and tried anything his care team recommended. Yet he still found his blood sugar levels unmanageable. Since joining DayTwo’s precision nutrition program (provided by his employer QuikTrip), Scott’s transformation includes reducing his A1C from 8.1 to 6.8. Plus, he attributes getting his blood sugar under control with helping him recover from COVID. Watch his story below. 

Learn how the DayTwo program helped Scott get through COVID.

Why Blood Sugar Control Matters

With 1 in 2 adults experiencing metabolic disease, DayTwo’s founding scientists wondered: What is the right diet for humans? Turns out, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Using gut microbiome profiling, AI, and virtual care, DayTwo designed a program that predicts and manages an individual’s unique blood sugar response to foods.

Given the many adaptations companies are needing to make in response to Delta, Scott’s recovery is a testament to the significant role that glycemic control can play in keeping vulnerable employees out of COVID wards. 

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¹ Thompson, Dennis. "Americans With Diabetes Were Hit Hard by COVID Pandemic." July 2021.
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