A Customer’s Journey with DayTwo

Meet Hector Robles. Hector has lived in Puerto Rico for 30 years, with a background in chemical engineering and a proud father of 2. Hector’s interest in the DayTwo product was originally piqued when he watched the TED talk by Eran Segal on the Personalized Nutrition Project.

Why do DayTwo?

His overall objective in doing the test was optimization of glucose levels (despite having a normal HbA1c of 5.4%), and less about weight loss. Since using the recommendations for over a year, Hector has lost 10-12 pounds (to his surprise!) and felt that his results has guided his decision making when it comes to food choices. In particular, he notes that the quality of the calories he eats, not just the quantity, make a significant difference.

In our interview with Hector, you will learn more about his motivation behind doing the test as an individual without prediabetes or diabetes, and advice he suggests for new or potential customers thinking about taking the DayTwo test.




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